Music, art and war

The many musical programmes in the Ashburton Museum’s archive would originally have been kept as a reminder of a concert attended, or perhaps for more personal reasons, such as a particular connection with a performer or an especially pleasant occasion. Today our interest in these programmes goes far beyond the bare details of what was... Continue Reading →

Far From You: Wartime Thoughts of Home

As the commemoration of the centennial of the First World War spans a number of years, museums try to look at the conflict in new ways, telling new stories or looking at the period from a different perspective. This year Ashburton Museum is looking at the ways in which friends and family, though divided by... Continue Reading →

The Bulford Kiwi

A number of people comment on how interesting they find our ‘heritage page’, many state they always learn something new. We are no different – a colleague was recently talking about how during World War One disgruntled Canterbury soldiers were forced to construct a ‘Bulford Kiwi’ on the side of an English hill. It was... Continue Reading →

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