Snow on the Alps

For many of us, winter is a time of shivering through our time spent outside, finding refuge in a cosy blanket and a hot drink whenever we have a minute to relax.

Ice Ice Baby

The winter months means trying to find activities that are fun, even in the freezing cold. Ice skating is just one of the many activities that was, and is still, enjoyed by the people of the Ashburton District in winter. As times have progressed and fashions change, so has ice skating fashion! Long coats, fancy... Continue Reading →

In praise of June

Although we haven’t really experienced the bitterly cold conditions of recent winters, for many people June isn’t the most enjoyable month of the year. Cooler weather and shorter days mean there isn’t much to get excited about this month, but for many cultures June brings a great deal of activity. Members of our Muslim community... Continue Reading →

Wintery fun

Mid-winter has passed, and before you know it we will be in spring. While sometimes it is difficult to appreciate winter with the shortened days and freezing mornings – it is a season that brings all manner of opportunities, if you are willing to embrace or look for them. We’ve been thinking about winter fun... Continue Reading →

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