More district mischief

It's that time once again! At the Ashburton Museum we often come across some strange things from day to day, including odd and interesting stories from the archives.

We are all part of a community

They say home is where the heart is. Although I have been in Canterbury for years now, love my job, and have a house and friends here, Otago is still my home. Sometimes this connection to home sits below the surface, however during last year's weather event, Otago was definitely where my heart was. Although... Continue Reading →

Millions of stories

Ashburton Museum’s photographic collection numbers in the millions. From a single image to large collections of negative frames – all document a unique moment in the story of our district. Some have been taken for a specific purpose, often by a professional photographer, such as of weddings, jubilees or parades. Others are ‘snaps’ – quickly... Continue Reading →

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