When people think of summer, a multitude of images and memories may spring to mind, such as holidays in the country, barbecues, playing sports on the beach, and so forth. Whatever the tone of summer memories, there’s one New Zealand icon that may or may not have crossed your mind – caravans. Sounds Like Us,... Continue Reading →

New People, New Perspectives

As a local, it is often hard to see the appeal of a town that you have lived in your entire life. It is often only when you leave and discover another way of life that you truly appreciate how good we have it here in Ashburton. Here at Ashburton Museum we have an exhibition... Continue Reading →

Far From You: Wartime Thoughts of Home

As the commemoration of the centennial of the First World War spans a number of years, museums try to look at the conflict in new ways, telling new stories or looking at the period from a different perspective. This year Ashburton Museum is looking at the ways in which friends and family, though divided by... Continue Reading →

The Bulford Kiwi

A number of people comment on how interesting they find our ‘heritage page’, many state they always learn something new. We are no different – a colleague was recently talking about how during World War One disgruntled Canterbury soldiers were forced to construct a ‘Bulford Kiwi’ on the side of an English hill. It was... Continue Reading →

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