World War One began mid-way through 1914 and was meant to be over by Christmas. When it wasn’t, Princess Mary, daughter of King George V, was worried that the men fighting under her father's command would feel left out at Christmas. The Princess created a Christmas Fund, and with the help of thousands of ordinary... Continue Reading →

Fairton – more than just ‘the works’

  Often the activity of one business dominates smaller communities. The closure of such an important venture as the Fairton ‘works was traumatic. It was also a reminder of the community spirit that has built up over time around this venture. This week we look at some images from the museum archive that recall various... Continue Reading →

Stationed far from home, what could World War One soldiers do to express their love and thoughts for those far distant? A small gift was one option. Soldiers sent back many things as souvenirs but none were more popular than the postcards known as Silks. They made a beautiful, small and easily posted gift, with... Continue Reading →

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