Fairton – more than just ‘the works’

  Often the activity of one business dominates smaller communities. The closure of such an important venture as the Fairton ‘works was traumatic. It was also a reminder of the community spirit that has built up over time around this venture. This week we look at some images from the museum archive that recall various... Continue Reading →

New People, New Perspectives

As a local, it is often hard to see the appeal of a town that you have lived in your entire life. It is often only when you leave and discover another way of life that you truly appreciate how good we have it here in Ashburton. Here at Ashburton Museum we have an exhibition... Continue Reading →

Millions of stories

Ashburton Museum’s photographic collection numbers in the millions. From a single image to large collections of negative frames – all document a unique moment in the story of our district. Some have been taken for a specific purpose, often by a professional photographer, such as of weddings, jubilees or parades. Others are ‘snaps’ – quickly... Continue Reading →

For some, the approach of winter brings little joy. Short nights and cold days are nothing to get excited about but for many winter brings an opportunity to play, or at least watch, this country’s unofficial national game – rugby. As most people know, rugby (or if you are old fashioned like me and still... Continue Reading →

Since their invention, cameras have been a vital part of life. They have been used to preserve and capture moments-in-time important to individuals and society. During the last hundred years, the camera has been reinvented and transformed constantly through human ingenuity, stylistic phases and the advance of technology. Today, it seems that for many people... Continue Reading →

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