Gallery: Chertsey Views

This selection of photographs from in and around the Chertsey township might spark some memories for some of you, or perhaps pique your curiosity as to this little township's varied past. Do you have fond memories of living in or growing up in Chertsey? Do you have ancestors who lived or farmed in the area?... Continue Reading →

Early Rakaia history digitised

Between 1899 and 1922, a professional photographer by the name of Harry Alexander Palmer took a variety of interesting photos around Rakaia and the surrounding area. The Ashburton Museum acquired a number of these photographic negatives several years ago, in the form of glass plates. This image shows an ornate mantle with the background scratched... Continue Reading →

Photography through the ages

Isn't it amazing that in the span of 60 seconds you can take a photograph on your cellphone and post it on social media for your friends and family from all over the world to see, like and comment on? Just 30 years ago, that would have been unthinkable. Nowadays it can be easy to... Continue Reading →

School groups from days gone by: Recognise anyone?

The Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc. collection, which is cared for by the Museum staff of the Ashburton Art Gallery & Museum, contains a vast number of photographs covering various topics relating to Ashburton District's social history. Businesses, farms, celebrations, portraiture, family groups, services, buildings, disasters... if it happened, chances are people took photographs... Continue Reading →

The Components of the Humble Kiwi Villa

Throughout the closing decades of the nineteenth century, New Zealand was undergoing rapid population growth and huge urban development. Factors such as improved transportation and an influx of steam-powered woodworking equipment gave rise to a new kind of house: the iconic villa. A family sitting on the veranda of their lonely rural villa, somewhere in... Continue Reading →

Reduced to rubble: demolished buildings

Buildings come and go, this is something we are used to in Ashburton. Right now, we are going through a period of rapid change evidenced by projects such as the upcoming new Library & Civic Centre, the Kmart complex, as well as the numerous houses, outbuildings and businesses being altered and built all around the... Continue Reading →

WW2: Memories of a local dispatch rider

Tales from WW1 and WW2 about local nurses and soldiers never fail to spark our imagination and they help us to understand their lives and the world they lived in. We are fortunate to be able to share in their highs and lows, triumphs and tragedies via their letters, diaries and photograph albums. Previous blog... Continue Reading →

Gallery: Eye on Methven

The Ashburton Museum’s archives and photograph collections, which are owned by the Ashburton Museum and Historical Society Inc, consist of over a century and a half’s worth of images depicting people, places and events. These collections are a treasure trove of local history. Some quite interesting photographs in our collection come from Methven, a township... Continue Reading →

Beards and Braids

Trendy hairstyles are always changing, and these days we tend not to think much about how people tend to wear their hair. Personal preference is the norm. Trends do factor in for a lot of young people; the 'middle part' has gained popularity among Gen Z, and the classic (yet infamous) mullet is pervasive as... Continue Reading →

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