Music, art and war

The many musical programmes in the Ashburton Museum’s archive would originally have been kept as a reminder of a concert attended, or perhaps for more personal reasons, such as a particular connection with a performer or an especially pleasant occasion. Today our interest in these programmes goes far beyond the bare details of what was... Continue Reading →

Pancakes from the tightrope?

I spend many days scanning images. Most times they are relatively straightforward and easy to describe. Sometimes, however an odd image catches my attention and demands investigation. This image was taken from a family photo album and at first I didn’t think much of it, and even debated whether it needed to be scanned. However... Continue Reading →

My last article on the Ashburton Repertory Society stirred a lot of interest. We had several phone calls from people about the photos and now have new names and details to add to archival records. The entire Repertory Society collection is a treasure trove of names and events. Although the photographs are entertaining, there are... Continue Reading →

From Gaslight to Middle Age Spread

There is never nothing to do in a museum. Much of my time is spent answering enquiries or working with new collection material as it comes in. However, when neither of these time consuming things are happening, it gives me a chance to ‘enhance’ the existing collection. This may mean rehousing items in specialist acid-free... Continue Reading →

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