So many museums: Corwar Gatekeeper’s Lodge, Ashburton

Small museums a great way to learn more about the rich heritage that people share, and a good reminder of how important museums are to our communities. After all, they only exist because they are so popular. There are 13 museums in the Ashburton District – including 12 heritage museums and one art gallery. All are... Continue Reading →

The Billy Thomas Archive

Ashburton is known for its many beautiful houses - most in a Cape Cod style, designed from 1923 by local architect William ‘Billy’ Thomas (Born Wakanui 1891, died Ashburton 1967), who was later joined in practice by his business partner Garner Hannaford (Hank) Ward. The Billy Thomas Archive is held at Ashburton Museum - it forms a unique... Continue Reading →

Researching Your House

Have you ever wondered who has lived in your house? When it was built or altered? Who was the builder, architect or owner? Or what the house or garden looked like in the past? Who else has called your house their home? Often it’s our neighbours who know most about our home. They remember the... Continue Reading →

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