When the team at Ashburton Museum began planning an exhibition on Tekau Knitwear, there were only a handful of garments and images held in the museum’s collection and archives. Yet we knew this was an important story to tell. The business was widely known and renowned. Not just in Ashburton – where the business... Continue Reading →

Dressing Up at the Radiant Hall

As you may have heard, last year the Ashburton Museum presented an exhibit called ‘Meet You at The Radiant Hall’. It was a fun project to bring to life. When we first started thinking about the exhibition we realised that the museum had few tangible items to demonstrate how important ‘The Radiant’ was for locals.... Continue Reading →

Wedding Belles

Have you ever thought of how a museum collects love stories? There are all sorts of items in museum collections that tell of love. From beautiful valentine’s cards, or letters by lovers sent during wartime, to sweetheart gifts, diaries and more. Museums can be quite romantic places. One of the most symbolic ways that a... Continue Reading →

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