Gallery: The Ashburton Guards

With ANZAC Day 2023 fast approaching, let's take a look at some photographs and a little bit of the history of one of Ashburton's early organised military groups. The Ashburton Guards was formed as a result of a meeting held on the evening of 8 May 1885, during which the chairman of the committee, Mr.... Continue Reading →

Monarch and Military: Ashburton and the British Empire

As an entity the British Empire is hard to discuss. Having once laid claim to a quarter of the Earth, it brought prosperity and advancement to some, while many more suffered from oppression and exploitation. For better or for worse, the British Empire was a very powerful global force for a long time and many... Continue Reading →

Kia ora Ashburton

While increasingly English became the dominant language of New Zealand, these new New Zealanders were also interested in what gave their new nation a unique identity.

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