Celebrating fathers in history

By the time you read this Father’s Day will have come and gone for another year. Some many have celebrated it in style with gifts and a card, while others may have ignored it. As some may have guessed, the celebration of fathers and father figures began in America. However it is not, as many... Continue Reading →

Keeping kids amused

Last year, there was a great deal of interest in our exhibition ‘Meet You at The Radiant Hall’ which looked back at the fun and activities staged at this venue. As expected, those people who attended balls, dances, concerts, and even a boxing match, were most excited and many have told us stories, which we... Continue Reading →

How do you invite people to parties these days? With my family I get an email, text or invitation to an event via Facebook. As most of my family live in one town and see each other often they forget I don’t know the details, so it often means a few texts to discover the... Continue Reading →

Easter treats and predictions

For many who will suffer a ‘chocolate overdose’ this Easter, it’s probably hard to imagine that it wasn’t always predicted to become such a sweet holiday. On March 31, 1894, the Ashburton Guardian boldly claimed what was by then no doubt a widely a shared belief that, “Easter eggs are now a thing of the... Continue Reading →

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