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Our Balls, Bullets & Boots exhibition last year was special for us as it came all the way to Ashburton from the New Zealand Rugby Museum in Palmerston North. It’s still a long journey by train, truck and ferry to get a container across Cook Strait and down to Ashburton. With all arrived safely, this... Continue Reading →

Dressing Up at the Radiant Hall

As you may have heard, last year the Ashburton Museum presented an exhibit called ‘Meet You at The Radiant Hall’. It was a fun project to bring to life. When we first started thinking about the exhibition we realised that the museum had few tangible items to demonstrate how important ‘The Radiant’ was for locals.... Continue Reading →

Visitors to Ashburton Museum often comment on the magnets and key rings in the shape of classic New Zealand lollies for sale in our retail area. Colourful and varied, they have  attract a lot of interest as many people recall similar lollies from their own childhood. They have proved popular, especially with less-young visitors, who,... Continue Reading →

‘As with the commander of an army, or the leader of an enterprise, so is it with the mistress of a house.’ These are the opening words of Mrs Beeton’s famous Book of Household Management, published in 1861. More than just a cookbook, this manual of life showed the newly married Victorian woman how to... Continue Reading →

Since their invention, cameras have been a vital part of life. They have been used to preserve and capture moments-in-time important to individuals and society. During the last hundred years, the camera has been reinvented and transformed constantly through human ingenuity, stylistic phases and the advance of technology. Today, it seems that for many people... Continue Reading →

One of the big ongoing projects at Ashburton Museum is a growing portrait wall of newcomers to the district. Its a reminder of how many people have travelled to be here, and a great introduction to some of our newer – and not so new – members of our diverse community. It’s been a great... Continue Reading →

From Ethiopia to Ashburton – with thanks

Ashburton Museum’s collections are extensive. Recently, a re-examination of a small part of the natural history collection and its associated records unearthed a remarkable and exquisite stone hand axe. It is fashioned - perhaps by one of our ancestors – about 80,000 years ago, on the north east shore of Lake Langano, Ethiopia. Lake Langano... Continue Reading →

A story from one receipt

With fewer people using postal services and our reliance on electronic forms of communication, receiving anything in the mail these days is worthy of note. At Ashburton Museum, however, we recently received something quite interesting by post. Looking at this item – dirty, tatty and at first rather boring (it is after all ‘only’ a... Continue Reading →

"Not all rocks are hard, grey and brittle; nature has a few tricks to play." When looking for suitable rock specimens for the highly successful Ashburton Museum exhibition and holiday programme, Papers, Scissors, Rock, a chance opening of a small box at themuseum revealed a very unusual pink and flexible rock nestled inside. Along with... Continue Reading →

Wedding Belles

Have you ever thought of how a museum collects love stories? There are all sorts of items in museum collections that tell of love. From beautiful valentine’s cards, or letters by lovers sent during wartime, to sweetheart gifts, diaries and more. Museums can be quite romantic places. One of the most symbolic ways that a... Continue Reading →

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