"In the shadows of the night, a veiled woman lurked in the garden, staring at the house watching waiting. It all started with a mysterious telephone call that plunged Harriet Lacey into a suffocating atmosphere of terror. With no one to help her, she was forced to turn to Flynn, the brilliant but bitter writer,... Continue Reading →

In late 2015, I graduated from the University of Otago with aspirations of working in the museum sector. After discovering that employment was not easy to come by in my chosen profession, it was time to be realistic with myself. I had been very successful at University and I had this wealth of theoretical knowledge,... Continue Reading →

Gunpowder ripples

Finding items or subjects to write about for this blog isn’t always easy. As far as the objects go, I tend to write about things I like, or items that I know something about. Sometimes however I am drawn to feature an object not for its story but for what it means to me. Memory... Continue Reading →

A smile from the past

Do you have a back room, or even a bottom drawer where you place things and say you will get back to them one day and have a sort out? When you do, doesn’t it usually bring forth all sorts of exciting and sometimes long forgotten treasures? At Ashburton Museum we don’t have a bottom... Continue Reading →

Mr Toner’s Court Case

One of the amazing things about newspaper stories, is the unusual discoveries that can be made through them, telling of history that cannot easily be found elsewhere. One such story is the tangled web concerning Mr Toner of Alford Forest, as told through local newspapers. On 17 April 1886 the story broke of Mr James... Continue Reading →

Ashburton and the Somme

It’s hard to imagine the horrors that greeted New Zealand soldiers when they entered the Battle of the Somme. The many young Ashburton men who joined the battle must have been acutely aware of how far they were from home. Instead of the familiar farms, rivers and mountains of home, the battlefield was a desperately... Continue Reading →

New Year’s Day

How did you celebrate New Years? For many, It is the eve of the New Year that is the focus, by ‘seeing the new year in’ with drinking and partying. When I was a child we would have a low key New Years – with me doing the first footing. That meant standing outside with a... Continue Reading →

Kia ora koutou katoa. This story explores the history of one of the most significant landmarks to have ever been in our district, the ancient matai, Hine Paaka, who stood proud in the Ashburton District for many, many years - a taonga for our region. Also known as Hinepaaka, this famous tree was named after the wife of... Continue Reading →

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