What do you do for Halloween? Quite possibly you don’t buy decorations or festoon your home with pitchforks and slime. You or your children perhaps don’t wear a mask or scary costume to roam the neighbourhood, but perhaps you do get prepared and purchase lollies for other adventurous trick and treaters. It does seem, that of... Continue Reading →

Museum Discoveries in Croatia

I believe that one should take any opportunity that comes your way, so when I was invited to go to the Czech Republic and Slovakia for a brief, but full on holiday, I took advantage of it.  The area I travelled through is very old and history is everywhere. Once there, I noticed that while... Continue Reading →

New People, New Perspectives

As a local, it is often hard to see the appeal of a town that you have lived in your entire life. It is often only when you leave and discover another way of life that you truly appreciate how good we have it here in Ashburton. Here at Ashburton Museum we have an exhibition... Continue Reading →

Adventure Travel

There is a common belief that our ancestors were largely stay at home, unadventurous, people with no inclination to travel far beyond their native parish.   The more you undertake family research, however, it becomes frustrating obvious that while some did remain in the place their ancestors originated, others moved further afield.  We have all heard... Continue Reading →

There's always a gripping last week of the Tour de France, that most famous cycle race of all, yet equally thrilling was an early classic of New Zealand road racing. The Timaru to Christchurch cycle race was established in 1899, four years before the famous Tour de France. It was regarded as the greatest cycling test of... Continue Reading →

A story from one receipt

With fewer people using postal services and our reliance on electronic forms of communication, receiving anything in the mail these days is worthy of note. At Ashburton Museum, however, we recently received something quite interesting by post. Looking at this item – dirty, tatty and at first rather boring (it is after all ‘only’ a... Continue Reading →

Photographs in the Archive

While the word ‘Archive’ is commonly thought of as referring to a building where old books and documents are kept, they can (and often do) include other items as well. Photographs especially are very useful tools in documenting the past. Photographs often come in to the Ashburton Museum Archive with records of clubs and family... Continue Reading →

"Not all rocks are hard, grey and brittle; nature has a few tricks to play." When looking for suitable rock specimens for the highly successful Ashburton Museum exhibition and holiday programme, Papers, Scissors, Rock, a chance opening of a small box at themuseum revealed a very unusual pink and flexible rock nestled inside. Along with... Continue Reading →

Whale Tales

  Recently a friend of mine posted an image on Facebook that made me extremely envious. It was a rather long distance shot of a spray of water which he stated was from a whale, or possibly whales. He said that he had originally thought it was the sail of yacht but on a second... Continue Reading →

Museums do many things – and amongst the things they do, collecting is central. Yet it’s not just museums that collect. Many people do. Estimates range from 30-70 percent of us being collectors, yet it’s possible that collecting is an almost universal passion. What makes a collection? While some may think a collection needs to... Continue Reading →

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