We live in a highly globalised and connected world. Worldwide shipping and communication networks have intensified and become less costly over time too, meaning that it is now normal for us to do something like purchase an item that was produced in another country while out shopping. Evidence of international and intercultural sharing of... Continue Reading →

Japanese gifts

As in many societies, gift giving is a very important part of Japanese culture. In Japan, as in New Zealand, gifts are given on anniversaries, weddings, births, graduations, housewarmings and so forth. Children's achievements are also celebrated with gifts. Omiyage | お土産 and temiyage | 手土産 are two important types of gift given in relation... Continue Reading →

Renting a flat can be a massive headache – challenges often come in many forms such as appalling flatmates, black mould, inadequate insulation, and so on - but none of these come close to the hardships faced by early European settlers. Polynesian settlers, upon their arrival in New Zealand, quickly utilised their prior knowledge of... Continue Reading →

Many scientific practices or areas of study that were once considered progressive or novel are now considered pseudoscience and quackery - phrenology included. You may see phrenology head models and head charts occasionally in odd shops, making the notion of the practice seem a bit “hipster”, but phrenology was as dubious as it was intriguing.... Continue Reading →

November, 2018 was a wild month for weather, which culminated on the 18th with a particularly bad storm across the district. For those of us in town, all we experienced were some heavy winds and a quick hailstorm, which were unassuming enough. We are no strangers to a bit of bad weather here in Ashburton,... Continue Reading →

  The early history Gardening has a long and important history in New Zealand. Starting with the first Māori settlers in around 1400 and then European settlers in around 1800, gardening was an essential part of everyday life because of crops like kumara, potatoes and yams being a main part of people's diets. While Māori... Continue Reading →

Relaxing picnics and scrummy barbecues exude that special Kiwi summer feeling – no span of warm, sunny days is complete without a barbecue, or a picnic at least. Over the past couple of centuries outdoor eating has become a novel activity for many people, reserved for recreation or special occasions, alone or with company. As... Continue Reading →

The two Emily’s

This week the Ashburton Museum continues to highlight the many interesting and capable women who have contributed to our community. We celebrate two Emily’s who were included in last years exhibition to mark Suffrage 125 celebrations.   Emily Begg Emily Maria Hill was born at Wakanui in 1875 to Charles and Maria (nee Hyde), a... Continue Reading →

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