Fairton – more than just ‘the works’

  Often the activity of one business dominates smaller communities. The closure of such an important venture as the Fairton ‘works was traumatic. It was also a reminder of the community spirit that has built up over time around this venture. This week we look at some images from the museum archive that recall various... Continue Reading →

The Ashburton Museum team like to get out and about to share and discover more about the heritage of our district. We already know that we live in an amazingly rich and interesting heritage area, but don’t always get to think back to our geological history. Thinking through geology puts time into a very different... Continue Reading →

One of the big ongoing projects at Ashburton Museum is a growing portrait wall of newcomers to the district. Its a reminder of how many people have travelled to be here, and a great introduction to some of our newer – and not so new – members of our diverse community. It’s been a great... Continue Reading →

A story from one receipt

With fewer people using postal services and our reliance on electronic forms of communication, receiving anything in the mail these days is worthy of note. At Ashburton Museum, however, we recently received something quite interesting by post. Looking at this item – dirty, tatty and at first rather boring (it is after all ‘only’ a... Continue Reading →

Photographs in the Archive

While the word ‘Archive’ is commonly thought of as referring to a building where old books and documents are kept, they can (and often do) include other items as well. Photographs especially are very useful tools in documenting the past. Photographs often come in to the Ashburton Museum Archive with records of clubs and family... Continue Reading →

Museums do many things – and amongst the things they do, collecting is central. Yet it’s not just museums that collect. Many people do. Estimates range from 30-70 percent of us being collectors, yet it’s possible that collecting is an almost universal passion. What makes a collection? While some may think a collection needs to... Continue Reading →

"In the shadows of the night, a veiled woman lurked in the garden, staring at the house watching waiting. It all started with a mysterious telephone call that plunged Harriet Lacey into a suffocating atmosphere of terror. With no one to help her, she was forced to turn to Flynn, the brilliant but bitter writer,... Continue Reading →

Does Ashburton have history?

The team from Ashburton Museum are often out in the community, talking to schools, service and special interest groups about the work that we do. We welcome thousands of visitors to the Museum each year, who gain a sense of Ashburton’s heritage and unique identity. The Museum collection is unusually large for a district the... Continue Reading →

A smile from the past

Do you have a back room, or even a bottom drawer where you place things and say you will get back to them one day and have a sort out? When you do, doesn’t it usually bring forth all sorts of exciting and sometimes long forgotten treasures? At Ashburton Museum we don’t have a bottom... Continue Reading →

Mr Toner’s Court Case

One of the amazing things about newspaper stories, is the unusual discoveries that can be made through them, telling of history that cannot easily be found elsewhere. One such story is the tangled web concerning Mr Toner of Alford Forest, as told through local newspapers. On 17 April 1886 the story broke of Mr James... Continue Reading →

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