Waterton: a township lost to time

When you come across the scant remains of a place like Waterton, you start to wonder what led to such a fate. The old cemetery on Grahams Road is the last inkling of this once a popular township, which fell prey to issues caused by a need for labourers elsewhere, as well as that classic... Continue Reading →

Monarch and Military: Ashburton and the British Empire

As an entity the British Empire is hard to discuss. Having once laid claim to a quarter of the Earth, it brought prosperity and advancement to some, while many more suffered from oppression and exploitation. For better or for worse, the British Empire was a very powerful global force for a long time and many... Continue Reading →

Beards and Braids

Trendy hairstyles are always changing, and these days we tend not to think much about how people tend to wear their hair. Personal preference is the norm. Trends do factor in for a lot of young people; the 'middle part' has gained popularity among Gen Z, and the classic (yet infamous) mullet is pervasive as... Continue Reading →

Another Look at the Ashburton Arms

As the principal pioneer of the area that came to be Ashburton, William Turton held a lot of responsibility. From 1858, he established himself as the ferryman of the Hakatere/Ashburton River, and soon enough he was granted a license to operate an accommodation house, which became the hub of the area during the early days.... Continue Reading →

Old-timey Easter fun in Ashburton

Whether you like chocolate eggs or not, we can all appreciate Easter. Many people around the Ashburton District enjoy Easter as a Christian holiday, while others who are not so inclined simply see Easter as a chance to take a break. Like Christmas, it is a time for us to celebrate, catch up with friends... Continue Reading →

Tools for researching the past

When it comes to researching your forebears, you can either be pleasantly surprised or sorely disappointed. Cases that fit into the latter category are more common than you would think. Many of our past relatives seem to leave great historical gaps in their wake rather than the opposite. As a matter of fact, is much... Continue Reading →

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