Ashburton District history: Stories of summer

When looking back at history, we often tend to focus on the big events and build our view of the past around those. However, sources such as newspaper articles from the summer of 1921-1922 can give us an interesting glimpse at everyday life in days gone by. During that hot and sunny season, there were... Continue Reading →

History of the Circus in Ashburton

The people of Ashburton District have been keen circusgoers for over a hundred years. Despite all the tweaks and changes that have shaped the art of the circus, there is still nothing quite like the Greatest Show on Earth. Some readers may remember going to the circus to see dressed-up bears, parading elephants, and big... Continue Reading →

No-license: all eyes on Ashburton

In November 1902, a vote was carried that would have a huge effect on Ashburton both socially and economically. After much debate and support from groups such as the Women’s Christian Temperance Union and the Protestant church, a majority of voters in Ashburton had supported the town’s transition to ‘no-license’. From the time when existing... Continue Reading →

Beards and Braids

Trendy hairstyles are always changing, and these days we tend not to think much about how people tend to wear their hair. Personal preference is the norm. Trends do factor in for a lot of young people; the 'middle part' has gained popularity among Gen Z, and the classic (yet infamous) mullet is pervasive as... Continue Reading →

Another Look at the Ashburton Arms

As the principal pioneer of the area that came to be Ashburton, William Turton held a lot of responsibility. From 1858, he established himself as the ferryman of the Hakatere/Ashburton River, and soon enough he was granted a license to operate an accommodation house, which became the hub of the area during the early days.... Continue Reading →

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