School groups from days gone by: Recognise anyone?

The Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc. collection, which is cared for by the Museum staff of the Ashburton Art Gallery & Museum, contains a vast number of photographs covering various topics relating to Ashburton District’s social history. Businesses, farms, celebrations, portraiture, family groups, services, buildings, disasters… if it happened, chances are people took photographs and they eventually ended up at the Ashburton Museum. School class group photos are no exception to the rule; the AM&HS Inc. collection contains hundreds of such photographs.

Below is a small selection from the collection. Not all of the subjects are named so if you, dear reader, recognise someone who is not named, or if you have a story to tell about a pictured relative, please get in touch with us!

Ashburton Borough School 7-a-side rugby team, 1924.
Back row, from left: D. Carson, G. Smith, W. Currie, L. W. Grieve (Coach)
Middle row: N. Milsom, M. Pilbrow, A. Lloyd.
Front, sitting: R. Laing.
(Photo reference 01.1980.0065)

Ashburton High School girls’ tennis team, c. 1922.
Back row, L to R: Myra Bell, M. Oakley, E. Hunter, M. Vesty.
Seated: Norma Percy, Ngaire Cowan.
(Photo reference 02.1982.0230)

Ashburton Technical School cooking class, 1912.
From left: ?, J Lockard, M Blee, M Wotten, E Soal, J patterson, Miss E Loy, Templeton, E Hosken, Miss A D Rennie, M Stringfellow, I stringfellow, Miss Giddings. (Photo reference 02.1984.0121b)
Ashburton East School primers 2 class, 1954. No names attached. (Photo reference 04.1999.0156g.)
Class photo of the Chertsey School Pupils. Headmaster Tom Todd. 1896. (Photo reference 04.2005.0128b.)
Ashburton High School unknown class, boys and girls. (Photo reference 04.2007.0014h.)
Ealing School and pupils c. 1935, no names. (Photo reference 04.2007.0169f.)

By Connor Lysaght

Unless otherwise stated, photographs and research materials on this page are owned by the Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc.


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