Gallery: Enterprising Ashburton businesses

The Ashburton District has had a long history of thriving businesses, of which there have been an impressive number and variety. Coachbuilders, factories, agents, retail stores, and many more enterprises, big and small, have played their role in supporting our local economy and communities. Let’s take a look back at a selection of photographs of businesses from around our town and District, from the Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc. collection.

Strange & Co. Agency , Burnett Street. House furnishers, drapers and outfitters. c. 1900.

West Street premises of D. Thomas, auctioneer, general agent, and land insurance agent.

Farmers’ Co-Op, Tuckers, and Pyne Gould Guinness Ltd. dressed in flags and bunting for the coronation of King George VI, 1936.
Milk powder production room, Midland Dairy Company factory, 1970s.

Premises of H. M. Bushell, fruiterer, confectioner and greengrocer.

Pickford and Undrill, Ashburton Furniture Warehouse.
H. E. Bonnington, chemist, East Street.
Midland Dairy Company, opening day 3 December 1910.
Back Row: George Harrison (Director); T. D. Bathgate (Manager); W. K. Watson (Secretary); J. Cullen (Foreman, Butter Maker); H. A. Lloyd (Director).
Front: Directors G. W. Leadley; W. T. Lill; Chas. Reid (Deputy Chairman); J. C. H. Grigg (Chairman); Directors M. G. Rich; Thos. Doherty; W Dellow.

Background: business of A. Corbitt, coachbuilder. Foreground: vehicle for Smith butcher & baker, Methven.

J. O. Williams & Co. Ltd. garage, corner of East and Wills Street, 1929.

Cartwright’s Butchery, 19 Harrison Street. Tommy Sutton and Norman James standing outside.

Men standing outside premises of Charles H. Tisch, coachbuilder, 1909.

Alfred Bray’s cordial factory.

By Connor Lysaght

Unless otherwise stated, photographs and research materials on this page are owned by the Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc.


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