Gallery: Historic houses big and small

Below you will find a selection of images from the Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc. collection, which showcase an interesting variety of houses from our District’s past. The architectural styles, sizes, and shapes of these homes say something about the people who built them. Their ambitions, their self-perceptions, access to resources, and of course their wealth are all laid bare in how these homes were built.

Burford House, Chalmers Avenue, 1901. Former residence of Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Sandrey (pictured). Originally owned by Sir William Stewart, MP.

Jennings House, Carters Terrace, Tinwald, 1935. Former residence of Margaret and Jean Jennings.

Bleak House, Winters Road (now Harrison Street), Allenton. Built by Henry Stephenson (pictured with family) in 1906. The house was moved to the Waitakere Ranges in 2002.

Carters House, Archibald Street, Tinwald, 1962. The house was a maternity and foster home for many years, run by Mary Ann Giles (nee Cass).

Joseph and Matilda hunt with their daughter Amy, outside their cob house at Wakanui (no date).

Rule’s House, near the corner of Tancred and William Street (no date).

Old Red House, East Street, c. 1950s (Charles Tindall photographer). Ex-residence of the Lindsay family.

Ashton’s sod house, lower Beach Road, 3 March 1884.

Park House, 1961. Built for County Engineer Charles Edward Fooks. Later used as a private hospital.

2nd Ashburton Presbyterian Manse, Havelock Street. Built by Peter Gourdie in 1895, this house became the Presbyterian Manse in May 1914. Demolished in 1969.

Former residence of Max Friedlander, William Street, between Tancred and Moore Streets. The house was moved to West Melton in 1997.

Dr. Trevor’s house, corner of Cass and Tancred Streets, 1890s.

By Connor Lysaght

Unless otherwise stated, photographs and research materials on this page are owned by the Ashburton Museum & Historical Society Inc.


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