More damaged negatives

Photographs from the Ashburton Museum collection are among the most popular items for visitors. We get countless enquiries from people seeking images of family members, events or places around our district. With over six million images in our collection, we can usually find what people are looking for. Many of these images have featured in past heritage page articles, but even then, the volume barely touches the surface of just how many, interesting and extensive are the images in the museums collections.

This week we are featuring an encore of damaged negatives from just part of the museum’s extensive collections, from a huge group of images known as the Tindall Collection.

Charles Tindall was a local photographer, with premises located in the old Saunders building.

The offerings shown here give a slight example of the range of images from Tindall’s collection.  Although most of the collection has yet to be scanned, they are indexed, making it easier for museum staff and researchers to discover what else we have.

While some of the images are damaged, once scanned to a digital format it is possible to retrieve the details and give the images new life and new value that might otherwise be lost.

1. Hill family2. Cameron Giles wedding3. has WALKER on back4. Parks winchester wedding5. Comet marching team6. Rakaia Senior 7 a side7. nurses


  1. Often an addition to the family, prompts parents to get family portrait taken, such as the Hill family.
  2. The Cameron Giles wedding threw up this quite impressive streetscape as a background.
  3. Can anyone help us identify this image?  It came from an envelope marked ‘Baker baby’. There is a baby but also this family which has ‘Walker’ on back.   Does anyone know who they are?
  4. Usually wedding photos are of the wedding party, but here the guests are included in the Parks Winchester shoot
  5. Formal groups also make up this collection, here the Comet marching team show off their trophy…
  6. …and the Rakaia seven a side winners of 1953 show off their shield.
  7. The last image is a group of ‘nurse finalists’, no year or date given, although it was during the time of Dr Mason as superintendent.  The envelope also has individual portraits of the finalists.

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