Tindall Collection gems starting with ‘B’

Charles Hopetoun Tindall was a well-known photographer working from a studio in East Street, Ashburton. His work has been featured many times in these blog posts, including many many portraits of Ashburton locals.

This week, brought to you by the letter B, the images on this page show that it was not only people that featured in this local photographers work.

While portraiture generated some income for Tindall, work for businesses also brought in a steady stream of work, as companies wanted to show off their developments or new buildings.

Tindall also made regular flights to provide aerial views to show how Ashburton was growing.

We hope you enjoy the selection featured on this page.


1. Buffalo Lodge.png

Members of the Buffalo Lodge, dressed in their regalia.


2. Breach family reunion.png

One of a large collection of images pertaining to the Breach family reunion in Rakaia. Whilst the envelope the negatives were stored in gave very little information, even spelling the family’s name wrong, a helpful cake in the photo shows that the reunion occurred in 1960 and commemorated Betsy and William who arrived in 1874.


3. Bradfords.png

Some of the images pertain to Bradford’s. Although widely known as a construction company, these, and other images, promoted their paint department.  As it’s always worthwhile to look at the image for other details, this image also shows Wrights dry cleaners.


4 Bradford exterior.png

This image of Bradfords also shows RG Woodhams.


5 Buchanans flour mill.png

These two images of the office of Buchanans Flour Mill have lots to look at, from the many dockets on the walls to the large ledger, which quite possibly could be one today held at Ashburton Museum.


6 interior Buchanans flour mill.png

This image shows some of the Buchanans Flour Mill archives, stored in a safe next to a rather dangerous looking heater. A snap shot of how things used to be. Note the single female typist and the two older men smoking their pipes.


7. Baring Square OPTIONAL IMAGE.png

On the B theme, this image includes Baring Square. Taken in March 1974 it shows the site of what would become the present day Ashburton Museum.



By Kathleen Stringer

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