More from the reportory society

My last article on the Ashburton Repertory Society stirred a lot of interest. We had several phone calls from people about the photos and now have new names and details to add to archival records.

The entire Repertory Society collection is a treasure trove of names and events. Although the photographs are entertaining, there are also programmes, reviews, minute books and lists of members.

The first minute book we hold is from July 1934 and they go right up to 1995.

Other interesting items include a seating plan for the Orange Hall, which was venue for smaller plays, as well being used for some rehearsals.

Programmes are useful to give dates for performances and assist, in some way, with identifying people in photographs. However, we still have many that are unnamed.

For your viewing pleasure, here is a slideshow with more images from earlier shows. While some of them are named, Ashburton Museum would still appreciate hearing from people to get first names or another details.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

By Kathleen Stringer



  1. Perhaps the first show the Society performed was The Road of Poplars. This is the only image we have of that show and it is unnamed.
  2. Some of the earlier images we have are staged. They show the cast in front of rather well drawn but static back drops. This cast is from the well-known Blythe Spirit, which was produced in 1954. The cast featured: Diana Nicoll, Peggy Walker, Sandra Moller, Mai Willers, Dick Wright, Mary MacKay, Dave Batten, Carl Moller, Bill Drummond, Margaret Bonnington, John Cornish, Alan McQuarters, Mrs Miller.
  3. This detective-looking show, The Last Hour, was produced in 1940 by New Zealand’s own crime writer Ngaio Marsh.
  4. The 1970 production of Salad Days shows Ashburton people could really dance.
  5. An unknown cast from an unknown production that includes a cat. Can you add any details?
  6. There are a few images with cats, or people dressed as cats, but only one of the 247 images show a goat. This is from an undated production of Heidi.

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